We offer three-month, one-year, one and a half-year, 21-month and two-year programs.

Curriculum and courses

Course Beginning course Intermediary course I
Period 0.5 year 0.5 year
Curriculum The course is to teach basic grammars, and develop elementary academic ability. It provides Japanese Alphabets(Hiragana and Katakana), basic conversational Japanese, Chinese characters(about 500 letters)and listening. It intends to imorove minimum communication skill of students. Students are required to acquire the 3rd grade of Japanese Proficiency at the end of the course. Based on basic ability from the beginning course, it gets further.This course aims to achieve reading comprehension, speaking, Chinese characters(about 1000 letters), writing easy sentences. Students are required to acquire the 2nd grade of Japanese Proficiency at the end of the course.
Course Intermediary course2 Advanced course
Period 0.5 year 0.5 year
Curriculum It aims to achieve difficult Chinese letters(2000 letters), listening comprehension, and reading newspaper editorials and easy theses. It develops a comprehensive Japanese proficiency. Students are required to acquire the 1st grade of Japanese Proficiency at the end of the course. It prepares students for the examination to study in Japanese universities and colleges. The course uses high-level textbooks and aims to improve understanding of Japanese culture and literature. It also intends to enhance reading comprehension and writing skills so that students can develop linguistic abilities required to study at universities or graduate schools. Additionally, it tries to develop practical language ability that can be of great help when foreign students work in Japan or in their motherland.

Education guidance and performance

We provide friendly and prudent advice on going to higher education for students who aim to advance into universities, graduate schools or college, along with tight learning guidance. As a result, many students actually enter the schools that they want.

Tokyo University / Waseda University / Keio University / Tsukuba University / Kyoto University / Tokyo Institute of Technology / Meiji University / Tokyo University of Foreign Studies / Yokohama University / Saitama University / Sophia University / Chiba University / Nihon University / lbaraki University / Toyo University / Dokkyo University / Nippon Institute of Technology / Seigakuin University / Doshisha University / Senshu University / Asia University / Daito Bunka University / Soka University / Juntendo University / Kyoto University of Foreign Studies / Fukui University / Kyoei University / Reitaku University / Tokyo International University / Utsunomiya University / Jobu University / Bunka Women's University / Kyorin University / Josai University / Mejiro University / Chukyo University / Toho college of Music etc.

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