Long-term class

Pay the following amount of money on point of receiving the certification to recognize right to stay.

CategoryAmount (yen)
Entrance Fee70,000
Tuition for first period(6 months)270,000
facilities use(6 months)40,000

Second ~ Fourth Period Tuition

Tuition (6 months)270,000
facilities(6 months)40,000
Total 310,000

Short-term Class

Payment upon registration.

Category Amount (yen)
Entrance Fee20,000
Tuition for first period(3 months)120,000
facilities use(3 months)10,000


Ask the school for more details.

  • For students starting semester in April : From 10.11-11.15
  • Starting from July: From 2.1-3.15
  • Starting from October : From 4.1-5.15
  • Registrants other than for employment visas
    (Wife visa, permanent residents) able to register all through the year.

Documents of the applicant


  1. Admissions Certification (School Designated form)
  2. Resume (School Designated form)
  3. Certification of graduation by last school of attendance (Those currently attending university or college must submit certification of attendance)
  4. 7 Photos (4cm×3cm)
  5. Passport Copy(Those owning passports)
  6. Family Registry Copy
  7. National Identity Certification Copy
  8. Certification of Employment(Those currently employed)
  9. Pre-Entrance fee 20,000 yen


  1. Expense Account Certification (School Designated Form)
  2. Bank Account Certification
  3. Employment Certification
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