Step onto the global stage from Saitama, a leading new urban centre in the Tokyo area!

Saitama is located just 25 minutes from Ikebukuro and 30 minutes from Shinjuku, two districts at the heart of Tokyo. As a new urban centre for the 21st century, Saitama continues to undergo its daily transformation into an urban hub of the future while remaining a dynamic cultural and economic centre in the environs of Tokyo, one of Japan's leading megalopolises. The school is located in a quiet residential neighbourhood that allows students to focus on their studies. Some of the nearby facilities include a library and a park, offering students an excellent learning environment.

  1. Our experienced and highly qualified teachers not only help the students with their studies, but also help them navigate their way through life in Japan.
  2. Classes are organized according to language ability, thereby ensuring that students have a chance to enhance their Japanese language skills.
  3. Our courses are aimed at helping students advance to Japanese universities, graduate schools, and vocational schools. We also provide guidance to help each of our students to advance by meeting their individual needs.
    For students who plan to return to their home countries without advancing their education in Japan, we offer guidance that is tailored to help them learn Japanese in a way that will prove useful for securing employment on their return home.
  4. By avoiding the high cost of living in Tokyo, students can save on living expenses and tuition fees.
  5. Students can focus on their studies with peace of mind in a family-like environment where everyone gets along.
  6. We employ award systems to reward exemplary students for their performance, such as scholarships and perfect attendance awards.
  7. Our recommendation system enables our students to secure enrolment in Japanese universities and vocational schools.